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The Sot-Weed Factor

Tobacco Road once came through St. Louis and vicinity. These five sign walls, featuring four smoking brands, were signposts along the way. See also Weisert Tobacco Co. for more local tobacco lore. Gibbons Grocery  / Mail Pouch Tobacco St. Elmo, IL 1987 “Treat Yourself To The Best.” While barns got the most attention, the Helme […]

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Coffee and Tea

Blanke’s Faust Blend Coffee Dr. M. L. King Avenue – Wellston 1981 A long-discontinued local brand, Blanke’s is one of my favorite signs, partly because of the literary reference to Goethe’s famous work, Faust, a tragic play in two parts. The storyline has Mephistopheles, a devil, tempting Dr. Faust with 24 additional years of life […]

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